Powering Success: TheHypeSociety's Strategic Partnership with Energy Locals

In the ever-evolving and competitive energy market, Energy Locals aimed to achieve extraordinary year-over-year growth targets. Their journey towards success was significantly boosted by an 18-month collaboration with TheHypeSociety. This case study delves into how TheHypeSociety’s expertise in creative strategy, key messaging, audience development, targeting, and optimisation played a pivotal role in driving over 20,000 new online customer sign-ups through various channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, BVOD, and Google Ads.

Client Background

Energy Locals, a forward-thinking player in the energy industry, aimed to disrupt traditional models by offering innovative solutions for consumers seeking transparent and sustainable energy options. Their mission was to expand their customer base significantly, and they engaged TheHypeSociety to achieve this ambitious goal.


  • Intense competition in the energy sector.
  • A need to rapidly increase online customer sign-ups.
  • Establishing Energy Locals as a trusted and sustainable energy provider.

TheHypeSociety's Approach

TheHypeSociety's Approach

Creative Strategy

TheHypeSociety commenced the partnership with a strategic creative approach. Engaging visual content and compelling copy were designed to highlight Energy Locals’ commitment to transparency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. The creatives were tailored to resonate with the target audience’s values and concerns related to energy consumption.

Key Messages

Crafting key messages that emphasised Energy Locals’ unique selling points was paramount. TheHypeSociety focused on clear and concise messaging, highlighting benefits such as cost savings, environmental consciousness, and community engagement. These messages were consistently woven into various campaign elements to create a cohesive narrative.

Audience Development

TheHypeSociety conducted in-depth research to identify and understand the target audience. Demographics, interests, and online behaviour were meticulously analysed to create detailed buyer personas. This understanding allowed for the tailoring of campaigns to resonate with the audience’s values and preferences.


Leveraging the detailed buyer personas, TheHypeSociety implemented precise targeting across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, BVOD, and Google Ads. Specific criteria, including geographic location, demographics, and online behaviour, were utilised to ensure the ads reached individuals most likely to be interested in Energy Locals’ energy solutions.


Continuous optimisation was a cornerstone of TheHypeSociety’s strategy. Regular monitoring of campaign performance, data analysis, and strategic adjustments were made to enhance effectiveness. A/B testing, refinement of audience targeting, and optimisation of ad placements were instrumental in achieving and exceeding growth targets.

Campaign Results

20,000+ Sign-ups

The campaigns directly contributed, either directly or indirectly, to over 20,000 new online customer sign-ups, surpassing the ambitious growth targets.

Insane YoY Growth

Energy Locals experienced an incredible year-over-year growth trajectory, firmly establishing themselves as a prominent player in the competitive energy market.

Enhanced Brand Trust

The strategic messaging and transparent communication strategies fostered increased trust among customers, solidifying Energy Locals' reputation as a reliable and customer-centric energy provider.


June – December 2022
400,000 session
250,000 new users

June – December 2023
542,000 sessions – 56% increase
339,000 new users – 35% increase
17,779 conversions – 819% increase

Social Ads

June 1st – October 31st 2023 vs Previous Period
994% increase in online sign ups from social media ads

June 1st – October 31st 2023 vs Previous period
514 % increase in Google Ads conversions

17% decrease in Cost Per Conversion over the same period


TheHypeSociety’s comprehensive approach to creative strategy, messaging, audience targeting, and continuous optimisation played a pivotal role in Energy Locals’ remarkable success. This case study underscores the importance of a strategic and data-driven approach in achieving and exceeding growth targets, ultimately positioning Energy Locals as an industry leader in the competitive energy landscape.